Translation Thoughts

change is the only constant

Change is the Only Constant: Better Get Used to It

Change is the only constant, and this is just as true as a freelance translator. Here’s how to best take advantage of change and make it your friend.

perception is reality

Perception is Reality: The Best Freelance Translators Know

If you’re a translator, you absolutely need to understand the idea that perception is reality since it will change how you approach your work and your clients.

affiliate marketing for translators

Affiliate Marketing for Translators: Make Extra Income With the Tools You Already Use

Want to make extra money as a translator? Consider affiliate marketing for translators. It’s easy to get started and fits right into your existing business.

translators still needed

Are Translators Still Needed? Yes! Here’s Why.

Are translators still needed? Yes, and they will be for a long, long time. Don’t confuse evolution with obsoletion when it comes to translation. Here’s why.

free language translation

You’re a Translator, Not a Free Language Translation

You’re a professional translator and shouldn’t feel like you need to provide free language translation just to get work. Here’s why.

american translators association

American Translators Association: Is It Worth It?

Do you think that you have to become a certified translator by the American Translators Association to become successful? These views could change your mind.

translation certification

Translation Certification: Answers to Your Questions

Let’s look at some of the common questions that people have about translation certification, and provide some helpful answers to help you get started.

best customer service

The Simple Formula for Providing the Best Customer Service

The best customer service translated into any language is still customer service. If you’re a freelance translator, here’s how to provide the best.

poor freelance translator

7 Ways to Be a Poor Freelance Translator

The last you want to become is a poor freelance translator. To become a successful freelance translator, be sure to steer clear of these traps.