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Image of how to learn a language fast and fluently.

How to Learn a Language Fast and Fluently: Your 7 Step Guide

Have you ever thought about learning a second language? Do you want to know how to learn a language fast and fluently? Well, here’s your 7-step guide.

Painting of the benefits of being bilingual in the workplace

Benefits of Being Bilingual in the Workplace: Take Charge of Your Career

There are many benefits of being bilingual in the workplace. Here are some of the best ones to keep in mind for your own career.

A painting of the most languages spoken in the world.

Voices of the Globe: The Most Languages Spoken in the World

Have you ever wondered what are the most languages spoken in the world? Come join us on our journey as we check out some of the most widely spoken languages.

oil painting depicting translator qualities

Top 10 Translator Qualities Every Freelancer Should Have

Are you a freelance translator looking to build a successful career? If so, then it’s important to have the right translator qualities.

oil painting of the concept of why every freelance translator needs a website

4 Reasons Why Every Freelance Translator Needs a Website

As a freelancer translator, you need a website. You might not know why. Read on for all the reasons why every freelance translator needs a website.

work in translation

What It’s Like To Work in Translation: 3 Interesting Stories

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in translation? Well, here are three stories from different translators all about their own experiences.

bad translations

4 Types of Bad Translations and How To Avoid Them

Bad translations are certainly something you want to avoid as a freelance translator. Here are some types you should definitely watch out for.

change is the only constant

Change is the Only Constant: Better Get Used to It

Change is the only constant, and this is just as true as a freelance translator. Here’s how to best take advantage of change and make it your friend.

perception is reality

Perception is Reality: The Best Freelance Translators Know

If you’re a translator, you absolutely need to understand the idea that perception is reality since it will change how you approach your work and your clients.