Become a Translator

Translation as a Career

10 Things That Suck About Choosing Translation as a Career

So you want to pursue freelance translation as a career? Well, just know that sometimes it’s not always fun times. Here’s some reasons why it can suck.

translation portfolio

Should I Build a Translation Portfolio?

Want to know whether or not you should worry about having a translation portfolio? Keep reading to see why translation portfolios are not everything you think.

become a literary translator

How To Easily Become a Literary Translator

Not every translator wants to translate medical or legal documents. If you’d rather become a literary translator, here’s everything you need to to get started.

translator skills

7 Powerful Translator Skills You Need To Succeed

In order to be successful translators, it is essential that translators possess certain translator skills and traits. Here are seven of the most important ones.

translation technology

Translation Technology: What Translators Should Know

Every translator should understand translation technology. If you don’t, you’re not going to be the best translator possible. Here’s what you need to know.

translation contracts

Translation Contracts: Are They Really Important?

Should you use translation contracts as a freelance translator? The short answer is yes. Always. Here’s everything you need to know about translation contracts.

first translation job

Scoring My First Translation Job and Five Tips for Finding More Clients

Finding your first translation job can be tough when you’re starting out. However, it’s not impossible. Here are five ways to get more clients as a translator.

best books for translators

Best Books for Translators: 5 That I Recommend

If you want to become a better translator that makes more money, you would do well to start by reading some of the best books for translators.

become a translator

Become A Translator… Or Don’t. Here are 6 Reasons Why.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages that translators might face while pursuing a career in translation and trying to become a translator?