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become a certified translator

5 Most Common Questions in Becoming a Certified Translator

Have questions on becoming a certified translator? If so, here are some of the most frequently asked questions as well as the answers.

maximize your money as a freelance translator

17 Ways to Maximize Your Money as a Freelance Translator

To become a successful translator, you need to know how to maximize your money as a freelance translator. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

work overseas as a freelance translator

Can You Really Work Overseas as a Freelance Translator?

Can you work overseas as a freelance translator? Yes, most definitely. There are a ton of awesome reasons why you should think about it. Here are some of them.

translating websites

Translating Websites: A Quick Primer

If you’re a translator looking to expand your skills, consider learning about translating websites. Not many people do it and you can find lots of clients.

get paid for your translation work

7 Ways to Make Sure You Get Paid for Your Translation Work

Once you have clients, the most important thing as a translator is to make sure you get paid for your translation work. Here are seven ways to do this.

make money from translation

3 Ways To Make Money from Translation

As a language professional, you have a lots of different ways to make money from translation and by using your language skills. Here are three of them.

translation categories

Translation Categories: What Kind of Translator are You?

Most translators, especially those just starting out, never think about the different types of translation categories. Here are the three you should know.

translation rules

15 Translation Rules New Translators Must Follow

As a new translator, you’re looking for guidance. You want direction. You want someone to hold your hand and give you the translation rules to get started.

translator in india

How To Become a Translator in India

Anyone can become a translator in India. If you’re interested in what it takes to succeed, keep reading.