Bilingual Airport Jobs: An Option for Dual Language Pros

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Bilingual jobs are everywhere.

If you speak two or more languages, you have a lot of opportunities out there with different kinds of jobs that you can do.

One of the most popular places for bilingual people to look for work is at the airport.

There are a lot of reasons for this but I think they can be boiled down to a couple of strong reasons:

  • Benefits are usually pretty good
  • There are a lot of opportunities to do different things

Maybe you’ve been looking at some bilingual airport jobs but aren’t quite sure what jobs are out there and maybe where you should go to look for these jobs.

Never fear!

The purpose of this article is to answer those two questions.

And first, we’ll start with the most asked:

What are Some Bilingual Airport Jobs?

bilingual airport jobs

Before you start your job search for a bilingual airport job, it’s important to know what kinds of jobs are out there.

A lot of times we think of the obvious jobs (gate agent or airline rep) but there are plenty of other types of jobs at the airport that require the unique bilingual language skills that you have.

Here are some of the more popular bilingual airport jobs that you might find as a good fit.

Airport Operations Crew/Customer Service

A member of the airport operations crew is primary responsible for providing customer service to airport customers, ususally at the ticket counter or the gate.

Airport operations include everything from ticketing and sales to flight reservations. It could also include doing things like preparing the airplane for boarding or making announcements over the PA system (haven’t you always wanted to do that!).

Being bilingual is a clear advantage to anyone who works as part of the airport operations crew because as you know, travel is international and there are always issues with flights with people from all over.

You might work at the airport in Philadelphia but if you’re fluent in Chinese, for example, you will have plenty of work helping Chinese speakers navigate the sometimes difficult and complicated travel process.

Aircraft Fueler

An aircraft refueler is exactly what it sounds like, someone that helps to fuel the aircraft.

But while “fueling” is in the job title, there are plenty of other responsibilities that you’ll have in addition to fueling.

For example, if you’re located in a cold-weather environment or location, you’ll also be likely responsible for performing de-icing duties. Which means clearing snow and ice from the aircraft and runway to ensure that the aircraf is safe to take off in those wintery conditions.

Bilingual skills are also a plus for this job and would help your ability to advance in the ranks because you’d be able to supervise people that don’t speak English as a first language.

Just make sure that you’re willing to work outside in bad weather or else you might not like it so much!

Ticket Agent/Baggage Handler

You know when you’re sitting on the airplane waiting for it to take off and you look out the window and see your luggage being loaded on the plane?

Well, the baggage handlers are responsible for making sure that your luggage makes it from the check-in counter to your airplane (as well as making sure the luggage gets transferred on layovers).

Obviously you need to be able to lift at least 70 pounds and work outside in inclement weather. In addition, you need to have a valid drivers license so that you can drive the luggage cars from the terminal to the airplane.

And again, being bilingual is going to be a huge plus for you in this situation, likely helping you earn more per hour than your monolingual colleagues.

Best Languages for Bilingual Airport Jobs

The good news is that there are plenty of languages that can be helpful for airport jobs.

Obviously, the most important language is going to be English but being bilingual in a second or even third language can help you stand out from the competition and give you an advantage when applying for jobs.

Some of the more popular languages that are helpful for airport jobs include Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, and Arabic.

But really any language that is spoken by a large number of people in the world can be helpful because at any given time there are bound to be people traveling that speak that language.

So if you’re bilingual in a less common language like Ukrainian or Portuguese, don’t discount the fact that there might be people traveling that would appreciate being able to speak to someone in their native language.

The bottom line is that being bilingual can only help you when applying for airport jobs so if you have the opportunity to learn a second or third language, it’s definitely worth considering.


Airport jobs can be a great way to get your foot in the door of the travel industry.

And while many people think that the only airport jobs available are as a flight attendant or pilot, there are actually a wide variety of positions that you can apply for, many of which don’t require any prior experience.

So if you’re looking for a job that is exciting, fast-paced, and offers the opportunity to travel, then working at an airport might be the perfect fit for you.

Just make sure that you’re prepared to work long hours, as many airport jobs require shift work, and that you’re okay with working in a high-pressure environment.

But if you can handle those things, then working at an airport can be a great way to see the world and get paid to do it.

FAQ – Bilingual Airport Jobs

Do you need to be bilingual to work at the airport?

The answer to this question is…it depends! Some jobs, like being a ticket agent or working in customer service will require that you be bilingual. But other jobs, like being an aircraft refueler, don’t necessarily require that you know another language.

How much does a bilingual airport worker make?

Again, this answer is going to depend on the job that you do and the country/state/city that you live in. But in general, you can expect to make a bit more money per hour than your monolingual counterparts.

Do I need a college degree to work at the airport?

No, you don’t need a college degree to work at the airport. There are plenty of entry-level jobs that only require a high school diploma (or equivalent). You’ll likely start out in a lower-paying position but you can move up the ranks quickly if you demonstrate a strong work ethic and good customer service skills.

What is the best way to find a bilingual airport job?

There are a few different ways that you can go about finding a bilingual airport job. You could start by checking out websites like or and searching for “bilingual airport jobs” in your city/state/country. Another option would be to go to the website of your local airport and see if they have any job postings that match your skillset. And finally, you could always reach out to your network of friends and family to see if anyone knows of any openings in the airport.